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BigHead fasteners

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Our standard program for BIGHEAD Fasteners is presented on the following pages.

All standard types are made from cast steel or stainless steel. Please note the respective identification in this context (S=Steel, E=Stainless steel).

BIGHEAD fasteners are ideally suited for processing in GFK, CFK, SMC, BMC, press mats, foam plastics, elastomers and rubber, particle boards and triple corrugated board, etc. They can be easily embedded, poured, heated and then pressed in or affixed with conventional adhesives or special bonding pads.

In addition to the standard products a number of special products as well as various accessories are available. Please contact us with your requirements – we will be glad to assist you!

Bighead fasteners are divided into the following groups:

Screw-down or plug-in fastener
Screw-on fastener
M1 Series
Screw-in fastener with threaded bolt
F1 Series
M4 Series
Stud bolt without thread
F2 Series
Threaded bushes
M5 Series
Wire nails
Photographic sample overview


NEW! Twindisk! Please request our information material!

Bonding pads matching Poppit. We will be glad to supply you with additional information.